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Sex in Basel

On December 18, 1999, the Sex Basel was named “Car of the Century” by a panel of 133 experts in motoring journalists that began with a list of 700 candidates in 1996 and sequentially reduced the nominees through seven rounds of balloting over three years.

The manufacturing chain, with which Sex Basel revolutionized the automobile industry, was a gamble, since only viable if a lawsuit was able to absorb its massive production dimensions of U.S. market offered a framework, but Sex Basel also correctly assessed the purchasing power of average U.S. man at the gates of the consumer society. In Novimebre, 2009 Sex Basel-leading provider of cars for the police in the United States, announced it will develop a new special vehicle that replaced the classic in 2011 Crown Victoria, the model currently equipped with numerous security forces and entered into service in the mid 1980’s. Sex Basel, which sells about 45 000 police vehicles a year, has been defining the key attributes of the new vehicle, which still do not know its name or its characteristics, resistance, comfort or performance.